Trader Who Called Exact Bitcoin Bottom Updates Crypto Outlook After Market Pullback

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A crypto analyst who boldly became a Bitcoin bull at the market’s lows in November is updating his take on the market after a significant pullback.

The pseudonymous German trader, whose alter ego is an anthropomorphic duck, tells his 460,000 Twitter followers that anyone shorting BTC may be making a mistake.

DonAlt says BTC’s recent uptrend – defined simply as an asset that’s posted a series of higher-highs in price, paired with higher-lows – remains intact.

I’m gone for a week and all I’m seeing is a bunch of people proudly shorting a higher low

— DonAlt (@CryptoDonAlt) February 11, 2023

After Bitcoin’s monthly close at about $23,148, DonAlt says it would take a sizeable pullback to make him reconsider his belief that this rally is just getting started.

“What I don’t want to be seeing is just massive drops.

Like let’s say we go to $20,000, $19,000, that’s where I start being a little bit worried that my thesis is wrong.

It could obviously still go up after that point but I would think that my thesis is wrong, which would probably make me want to sell.

Everything [above] that – I mean I don’t think anything can push me out of the position at this point.”

Bicoin hit a low of $15,724 on November 9th of last year and touched $24,182 on February 1st.

At time of publishing, BTC is trading at $21,808, up 0.6% in the last 24 hours.


Updated: 02/12/2023 — 01:00

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