Residents of Select U.S. States Can Now Pay Utility Bills Using Bitcoin ATMs

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The feature was recently introduced by Bitcoin of America, a reputable Bitcoin ATM operator.

Bitcoin of America (BOA), one of the largest U.S.-based Bitcoin ATM (BTM) operators, recently announced the launch of its BillPay service, which will allow users conveniently make utility bill payments with Bitcoin through its ATM kiosks. This makes BOA the first BTM operator to enable utility payments through BTMs.

The firm introduced the feature through an official press release today. It allows customers to easily convert their cryptocurrency to fiat and seamlessly make utility bill payments to their service providers. Notably, the feature is currently available on Bank of America’s ATM kiosks in Illinois and Texas, with plans to extend to more states.

According to the official announcement, some utility service providers currently accepting payment through BillPay include Commonwealth Edison (ComED), the largest electric provider in Illinois, and Naperville-headquartered energy firm Nicor Gas.

The just-introduced feature is another step toward promoting Bitcoin adoption by making it usable for real-world payments.

Founded in 2015, BOA continues to expand its mission of making Bitcoin and crypto payments accessible to the average consumer through its 2,500+ BTMs across several states in the U.S. The firm last April included Shiba Inu in its ATMs after several petitions from the SHIB community, with the company later noting that the asset has been an “amazing addition.”

As global crypto adoption surges to new heights, cryptocurrency ATMs, such as the ones operated by Bitcoin of America, have seen increased adoption. Notably, they allow people to conveniently buy and sell Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies with cash, promising lower transaction fees than online exchanges while gradually improving to include more features.

Data from Coin ATM Radar reveals that there are currently 33,433 Bitcoin ATMs in the United States as of press time.


Updated: 02/17/2023 — 16:00

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