Mark Cuban Schools Anti-Bitcoin Bill Maher on His Cynical Takes

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American entrepreneur Mark Cuban and American comedian Bill Maher recently sat down to discuss various topics, including bitcoin. Cuban slammed Maher for his anti-Bitcoin sentiments and remarks. Beginning the debate, Maher congratulated Cuban for completing 13 years in the Shark Tank.

Maher made his view clear that he has been rooting against Bitcoin for a long time. Cuban stated that he wants Bitcoin to go down more so that he can buy some more BTC. Billionaire investor Mark Cuban also slammed gold investors calling them “dumb.”

The comedian Maher is well-known for his long-standing anti-Bitcoin and anti-crypto remarks. The comedian also stated that cryptocurrencies as a whole are a joke. However, Cuban is a regular investor in Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other prominent altcoins.

Cuban compared gold to Bitcoin and stated that, just like gold, Bitcoin is a store of value that you can sell at any time later on. In response to Maher’s ongoing discussion about how the iPhone has a certain value and is pegged to something while Bitcoin is not, Cuban stated that even gold is not pegged to anything.

During the interview, The American comedian Bill Maher stated:

It’s really just about having something that you can sell to somebody else that absolutely has no value, and then it is their problem

Cuban debated this point, claiming that a share of stock in 90% of companies works the same way. He stated that the price of a share that doesn’t pay a dividend is just worth what others are willing to pay for it.


Updated: 12/27/2022 — 09:00

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