Macro Expert Lyn Alden Makes 2023 Bitcoin (BTC) Forecast, Says Privacy Should Be Key Area of Development

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Macro strategist Lyn Alden says she expects Bitcoin (BTC) to be worth more at the end of this year than it is now.

In a new interview with the What Bitcoin Did Podcast, Alden predicts where she thinks BTC will be price-wise, at the end of 2023, with one huge caveat.

“It’s hard to make one-year predictions with something so volatile. My expectation would probably be higher. But I will also say that I doubt it will be at all-time highs. My expectation would be somewhere between here…

Somewhere higher than here, lower than it’s been, with the caveat that if something severe happens, like some sort of crazy liquidity crisis, which, I mean, is not outside of the realm of possibilities that it could be lower. But my expectation would be somewhere between here and prior highs.”

When asked what she would focus on to further develop the Bitcoin network, Alden focuses on privacy, fungibility and scalability moving forward.

“Ways to make the network more private and more scalable… Not just for [the Lightning Network], but just overall, Bitcoin usage. Anything that makes Bitcoin more fungible and gives people a bigger range of options to use. So they can use the base layer, they can use Lightning, they can do something custodial if they want to. There’s this whole kind of stack that they can pick whatever serves their need the most. So for me, it’s kind of like looking at the classic bear market building situation.”

Bitcoin is trading for $16,654 at time of writing.

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Updated: 01/03/2023 — 21:00

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