‘Bitcoin Has the Most Opportunity,’ Claims the Host of UpOnly

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With another chaotic year for the crypto industry coming to an end, crypto investor and the host of UpOnly, Cobie, claimed that Bitcoin remains unaffected as well as DeFi protocols continue to remain unaffected. Meanwhile, the partner at Placeholder Ventures, Chris Burniske, supported the UpOnly host’s statements, claiming that the truly decentralized protocols such as Bitcoin and Ethereum continued to produce the blocks during this harsh crypto winter.

2022 was a brutal year for crypto.

Is there a silver lining?@cobie and @cburniske weigh in:

Full episode: https://t.co/SvVVEOthYV pic.twitter.com/3nrZVHoksx

— Laura Shin (@laurashin) December 20, 2022

During the Unchained podcast, Cobie and Chris Burniske reviewed all the events revolving around the crypto world for 2022. The podcast, hosted by Laura Shin, a crypto journalist, also covered the future of crypto in 2023.

Burniske expounded his views on the market, claiming that digital assets may face a new low due to the volatile market. The Placeholder Ventures partner continued to explain that, even though there is still a lot of volatility in the market, the biggest mistake in crypto is either not buying enough or not buying at all.

Talking about the top cryptocurrency, Cobie explained that Bitcoin has the most opportunity in the next few years. The host of UpOnly explained that Bitcoin can still make a splash in the crypto sector.

Painting a picture for the future, Cobie pointed out that if Bitcoin developers plan to make BTC less centralized it would be one way to help the users. The UpOnly host continued to explain that a form of acquiring and selling Bitcoin for people who want to conduct a trustless method would also be helpful to the users.


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